February 17, 2005
purple chunky cardigan
i find it comforting to see the same people day in and day out on my way to work .. never on the way home again as there seems to be little pattern there. although the twats on the bus do annoy me on a almost daily basis .. why they need to stand in the doorway is beyond me.

i'd like to know what the people i see everyday think about. what gets on their nerves? is it annoying women in purple chunky cardigans who glare at them when they stand in their way .. possibly.

my dad has been in hospital for a fair while with pneumonia, it's one of the contributory factors to lack of blogging on my part. i can't work out how i feel. i know it upsets me to see how ill he looks. it dawned on me today he's the same age that my grandparents were when i was first aware of such things. it brought into perspective how much time has passed and as ever how little i feel that i have done with it.

it worries me that they only way i shall ever feel i have done something with my life is by having children. something which as every few months passes looks less and less likely. how else is there to measure a life? i don't know.
January 27, 2005
Must .. make .. effort.

But I have tummy ache so not today.
January 21, 2005
Just checked my Sitemeter for the first time since redoing ErrantMind and it would appear that when the words "fuck sex cunt" are searched for using MSN this poor blog comes up second.

I can't help feeling pleased somehow.

By the way, I'm poorly. Only a cold but I thought it was worth mentioning. It has however earned me the somewhat dubious description of "snoring like a zipper". So far this week the man has had to put up with:

1) being pinned to the wall with my aggressive sleeping tactics
2) having no chance of getting the duvet for the whole night
3) aforementioned "zipper" snoring

I think my conscience feels he deserves it.
January 17, 2005
The obsession with EVE Online continues I'm afraid and still accounts for most of my online time. I really have fuck all else going on.

Work is starting to make more sense but my GOD .. they do things the long way around. My accounts system is more Fisher Price than high tech which is a constant source of annoyance.

Will be up in London this coming weekend which is something to look forward too .. although I shall be so knackered by then who knows whether I'll still want to go ..

Just to say:

signing off ;)